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      Unless you are related to the new resident in Palm Coast who still believes Florida should be just like New York I expect you will agree with me that Florida should be sweetened but not turned into a candy apple.

    On February 19, 2005 my new campaign was only hours old and already I had my first challenge. Standing next to my car I was asked by a passing gentlemen. ďWhat are you a salesman? .I said NO.I am running for Governor as a Republican!Ē Just then he became a mad man telling me using the ďFĒ word more often than I believed possible in a 10 minute yelling event how backward Florida is!He said Florida has low pay, no unions, and pushy policemen.It just happened that I was parked next to him at the Palm Coast Publix Shopping Center. I was doing paperwork in my car and enjoying the cool sunny Florida weather and waiting for my wife to finish working.

    While my run for Governor is a very long climb I will not let this cracked rock stop me from helping Florida. I am obligated to serve because I have information that could make Florida government be more efficient, friendly and respected by ALL.

    I respect Florida for what Florida is.This leads me to explain how a person from Pennsylvania could learn to respect Florida; I give this credit to Mr. Chadwick B. Hucks from Jacksonsville who is no longer with us, he was a great southern gentlemen that took time to teach me the ways of the South. So with this training I believe I can become a respected Southern Governor that can respect the Native point of view and with updated information help those stressed new residents from New York living in Palm Coast..

     Having been a Democrat for most of my life except when I voted for Nixon, David Stockman and Reagan I understand why some people believe Unions are the answer to Floridaís low pay and deteriorating working conditions.But for the new residents in Palm Coast a union may not help them cope with Floridaís low pay and changing conditions. We should attempt to explain to all new residents that the level of pay while very important must be compared to the overall cost of living in Florida.Up until recently our new and old home prices have been very low but those 2004 storms and other factors are putting housing on the critical list for all residents. Those who want to move to another part of Florida may find the cost of housing rather than the hourly pay the most limiting factor.There appears to be a shortage of workers in some areas and a shortage of jobs in other areas.The cost of getting a new roof since the storms has significantly increased and will remain a housing related issue for years.

    The very unhappy new resident I met on February 19, 2005 needs to re-evaluate his move to Florida before he makes too many of his friends think Florida is pulling the welcome mat off the front porch.This unhappy new resident in Palm Coast may remember the time he tried to convince this candidate to make Florida like New York but failed.Florida is great for families and New York is said to be great for entertainment and industrial jobs; but Florida CANNOT be made to match selective good memories of New York.

    My Sweeten Florida Plan almost ended when this new resident cursed his why into my memory telling me how bad Florida is and why it should be just like New York.Just because I want to improve Florida government does not mean that we cannot exist as we are, but maybe this unhappy new resident from New York may read these words and someday learn to Love Florida as I have for the past 27 years.

    Sorry to my neighbor from New York and my developer friend Pete who named the adjacent street Central Park in honor of his home State, I donít have a bumper sticker that says I love New York but I do listen to New York radio stations more often than the local Daytona Beach radio stations.

    So please realize I just want to improve a few things that appear to have gone down hill in the past 27 years. I risk being labeled the big change candidate but this is not to be confused with those in Palm Coast that want Florida to be just like New York.

    Possibly the builder that is using the construction services of this new resident will attempt to understand how difficult it is for someone to be hired for $12.00 per hour then the next week be given an hourly cut in pay to $8.00 per hour.Hard working people need good wages but we all have been telling the new residents that pay in Florida is low, especially low compared to New York. So each of us should understand how difficult it is for new residents to make it in Florida.We lack heavy industry that would add value to manufactured products and so each of us should realize the waiters or waitresses serving us at Pizza Hut are educated and waiting for Florida to provide better opportunities.I will do everything possible to provide improved career opportunities for full time Florida residents. Add your great ideas to this preliminary screening of innovative solutions.


    Point No. 1 Sweeten Florida Plan (SFP) will work to inventory the under employed people in Florida.The Governorís office will have a web site survey database to be utilized to help large manufacturers better judge our manpower availability and provide a means for employers to find those great employees here in Florida. We should employ Florida workers first rather than giving opportunities to people who are just passing through.Of course we appreciate all those New York and Pennsylvania residents who are down here helping us get our roofs back to new.Thanks to all those temporary residents Florida is back in business.

    Last year I was somewhat storm ill; attempting to run for political office when storm after storm made our lives difficult.So let us pray that 2004 storm events will be only for the history books, no need to test us again. Now lets work together to get Florida to the next level.


Point No. 2 Sweeten Florida Plan/Eliminate Roadside Litter Now

    I could collect litter from hundreds of miles of roadways that look like roadside dumps or I could simply encourage our Florida government to create stringent anti-litter laws and this time enforce them. As Governor I will use message boards along roadways warning drivers that if they like driving they better keep the litter inside their vehicles or they will be walking.There will be warning signs every 10 miles and if you like dumping your old couch at the end of a dead end road, well you better check your shoe leather because you will be walking.Florida is not a dump, so visitors should not be allowed to litter.The Governor will ask each business to weekly tell their employees to be careful, Florida laws donít allow littering of our roadways.After 6 months of warnings the police will start enforcing the most stringent anti-litter laws in the nation and the cost savings will be significant.. At each gasoline/convenience store the State of Florida will place a warning notice advising all travelers to report people who litter.We have big events here in Daytona Beach that seem to be a haven for people who love to be litter bugs, this will end immediately.This social bad habit of littering must be controlled or Floridaís property taxes will increase.


Point No. 3 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Eliminate Energy Waste

    Energy costs in Florida are too high and our water and sewer utility bills are getting excessive.As Floridaís next Governor I will need to create an Energy and Utility Task Force to propose ways of controlling energy costs.We will review the cost of grants and the cost of regulations.We will give grants to communities that save energy.Immediately the Governor will call on all Department stores to reduce the number of operating televisions on display to a maximum of 10% of the televisions on display. We will make other major improvements to eliminate energy waste. The Stateís vehicles will be upgraded to the highest miles per gallon possible as they are replaced due to service life.We will even look at using bio-mass as a way of harnessing energy typically just wasted.

Point No. 4 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Eliminate the Tag Fee for Mobile Homes

    As Governor I will work to eliminate the tag fee for mobile homes and replace this revenue by using a Flat Fee Property Tax based upon three simple levels of property value.Old mobile homes will be taxed the least but if after three years the property is not upgraded in appearance the tax amount will double and after another three years the tax will double again.The revenue created will be used to purchase and dispose of unsightly mobile homes.The property owner by accepting the new structure of Flat Fee Property Tax will be agreeing that old unclean mobile homes add little to Floridaís housing and they agree to work with local governments to clean and repair all mobile homes. The Sweeten Florida Plan/Eliminate the Tag Fee for Mobile Homes will improve Florida.Each community should create a list of poorly maintained mobile homes and work with charities and fixed income residents to upgrade these units.†† Something must be done to control how mobile home park owners are passing property taxes directly to mobile home owners.I donít have the solution just yet but I want to get working on this issue.Donít over react to these words because I realize there are many issues that must be reviewed to create a new method of charging mobile home owners a small property tax, especially when they believe not owning the land means they are only temporary residents.


Point No. 5 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Upgrade Our Railroads

As Governor I will work with the railroads companies to evaluate how to eliminate the growing cost of keeping our railroads safe and clean.I will propose that advertising space be purchased on the rolling stock to eliminate the annual cost to communities for rail crossing upgrades and utility pipe crossings.This proposal will save thousands of dollars for each community having a railroad passing through their community.We need to make our railroads part of the transportation solution.Our roadways are full of freight that may be better transported by railroad.†† The Governor will create an Upgrade Our Railroads Task Force to create real solutions and of course the trucking industry will be a major part of this effort. The last 10 miles of all deliveries are by truck.


Point No. 6 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Water Management Districts

As Governor I want to reduce the cost of operating Water Management Districts and use the computers and professionals at our Universities to better manage water consumptive use permits.Land development costs must be considered in creating effective stormwater management.The Governor will create a CUP Clearing House and propose the first real changes in Florida Water Management Districts. Finally Water Management Districts will be evaluated on how fair they are to all the residents not just how much they do for those environmentally active residents.The need for cost benefit evaluations is important to keep Florida moving in the most cost effective environmentally acceptable direction.If a person who is demanding more be spent on cleaning our rivers but is found to be living in an environmentally sensitive area utilizing old septic tank methods, well, we should consider their demand with this in mind.


Point No. 7 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Department of Environmental Protection Fuel Storage Tank Regulations

As Governor I will propose major revisions to the Petroleum Fuel Storage Tank Regulations.The recently adopted stringent fines will be changed to reflect positive actions of the petroleum storage tank operators.†† The annual cost of providing a petroleum storage tank placard will be reduced by providing for a five year operating license.The local programs for protecting the environment will be active rather than reactive.†† Finally the Department of Environmental Protection will not be allowed to discontinue negotiations with a governmental unit that is working to meet all the new regulations.This means DEP personnel that walk out of a meeting without solving the environmental problem will be immediately reassigned to field inspections so they learn first hand how difficult it is to comply with changing regulations.The Department of Environmental Protection offices state wide will be evaluated for customer service and the weakest link in protecting the environment will be combined with an adjacent District until personnel are better trained to be cooperative.


Point No. 8 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Department of Environmental Protection/Water and Wastewater Regulations

As Governor I will propose major revisions to regulations related to the environment and will work with consulting engineering firms to improve the effectiveness of the DEP.Again unfriendly DEP personnel will be reassigned to field inspection duties until they learn how to be respectful of those operating facilities.The Department of Environmental Protection should evaluate why major cities are not constructing sanitary sewer systems in new subdivisions that have very large homes on acre lots. The DEP needs to work better and reduce the paper handling costs.The requirements for more than one signature and numerous initialing of forms is the biggest waste in Florida government.I will not stop until paper waste by the DEP is eliminated.Too much time is being devoted to completing permit applications and reports rather than solving real environmental problems.So we need to review everything the DEP is doing so operating cost are reduced.The E in DEP will also stand for Effective Environmental. (Department of Effective Environmental Protection)(DEEP)


Point No. 9 Sweeten Florida Plan/Tinted license plates and other Failures

As Governor I will work to eliminate the practice of some drivers covering the license plate so it cannot be seen at night.†† The tinting of the plastic cover will be the basis for taking the vehicle off the road until the tinting and other side frame coverings are removed.Auto dealer advertisements adjacent to the license plate will be prohibited.The need for tinted windows is allowed but the failure of police departments to confirm that the maximum tinting is not exceeded may be leading to traffic accidents.All license plates must be attached to the vehicle by 4 bolts and there will be no temporary window tags.We should review the total temporary tag approach and create a better license record system.Some car dealers' complete forms for new car sales but sometimes the paper work is incorrect and these errors are causing consumers problems.†† If a new car has more than 860 miles on it and having been sold and returned, Florida law should consider the car used.The new dealer should be required to place warning notices on the car windows to advise the potential buyer that the car has been driven more than most new cars and if the mileage is greater than 860 miles will not be allowed to be sold as NEW. We should again look at the lemon law and make large auto manufacturers stop telling new car owners that the reason their new car has a smoking problem is that it needed more oil changes than recommended.Okay, auto dealers need to be treated fair but consumer protection related to auto purchases has gone down hill.Did you ever hear about the auto dealer that takes your potential trade in vehicle and keeps the keys until you have shown noticeable aging or finally traded for a new car.Purchasing a car in Florida is the most troubling consumer event and auto dealers are hereby advised to work harder to make this experience a profitable and pleasant experience for all. As Governor I will collect data on car dealers and if improvement does not come soon a New Car Purchase Task Force will be established to create real laws to control unfair practices.Possibly new car dealers should be encouraged to offer 6 months of gap insurance for new vehicles because insurance companies have gone against consumers or someone is providing stupid data to the car value books.The fine print tricks of car advertisements must stop.If you cannot be fair to all consumers then maybe you should locate your auto dealership to another State.Possibly the high cost of operating dealerships in Florida needs to be considered so the business owner and consumer remain friends until the next purchased.


Point No. 10 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Orange Barrels on Interstates

As Governor I will have the correctional inmates cleaning all construction warning barrels and the bottom of the barrels will be painted white to make them visible when then are upside down.The practice of storing orange barrels and equipment along roadways for extended periods will be reviewed.There will be increased fines for projects that are operating unsafe construction zones.†† If possible after given a written warning the highway contractors will be charged for each accident that occurs within the work zone.This $1000 fine will be paid to the victims to off set the deducible costs.These proposals need much work and may not be feasible.When the DOT inspectors get reports that the traffic control devices are not in good operating condition, the DOT should have a legal way of upgrading the traffic control devices. Message boards will be used to define the projected construction completion date.Overall roadway contractors should work better with the DOT to make safety for their workers and the traveling public top priority.I am convinced accidents can be prevented if only the DOT and the roadway contractors get a little help from the Governorís office.Until I become Governor it would be helpful if the Department of Transportation really look at how poor the orange barrels are along I-95; non- operating steady burn lights are out and generally the work zone is dangerous at night.What is the problem lack of inspector training or highway contractors that just donít care about highway safety?†† Please get working on traffic control devices that are poorly installed or maintained.If a counter weight (sand bag) is required in each orange barrel explain to me why are the barrels traveling north and south.Also related, if the specifications require the highway contractor to maintain the roadway media and side grass areas why does DOT just allow it to become a weedy mess for years. Require warning signs to be properly maintained, particularly those falling over and those that have very poor reflector because they are unclean.DOT it is up to you to save lives and I believe you can do much better if the Governor gives you a little help.


Point No. 11 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Sound barriers versus median dividers

As Governor I will cause the DOT to review the practice of constructing sound walls before the same section of road has head on crash elimination devices.I will do everything possible to get the limited roadway dollars working to solve real safety problems rather than beautification without some safety justified measure.Sometimes I wonder is it just spend the money plan or really does the conditions require repaving and all those roadway delays during the repaving operations.We need a stronger DOT and one with more than the old formula 2P and T/2.We need to utilize Value Engineering with Safety as job one. Will the roadway improvement make the roadway safer or just keep the roadway industry busy.There are new inlets in the roadway media of I-95 but they appear at present to solve drainage problems at the expense of highway safety.Does Florida DOT have to visit other States to learn what design changes are needed to make our Interstates safer?As Governor I will ask the DOT work to make Floridaís highways the safest in the Nation.We can do this with the help of drivers, highway contractors, consulting engineers and of course our soon to be proud Department of Transportation.




Point No. 12 Sweeten Florida Plan/Red Light Running

As Governor I will work with traffic engineers to find ways of warning drivers of bad intersections and propose lose your license and car for 30 days if you run a red light at a speed greater than 40 miles per hour.The high-speed crashes at intersections are something we need to eliminate.†† Drivers turning left from the far right lane will lose their license and their car for 30 days.Crossing roadway medians on the interstate highways at points not intended for used by private vehicles will result in the immediate loss of license and the storage of car for 30 days.Interstate parking lot situations will be studied to provide for police directed detours even mid interchange.Something must be done for those times when all lanes are stopped for hours.†† Each section of highway should have solutions to interstate blockages.


Point No. 13 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Green leaves for Floridaís Senior Residents

In honor of my former neighbor Charlie who had a dish of Green Leave Candies on the coffee table we will do something about how Senior Residents become victims to door to door rip off salesman.I will provide this one example that happened to Charlie.I would visit Charlie each night and ask him what happened today.He said that a young fellow showed him a new product that can clean clothes better than anything he had ever seen before.I said what did it cost, he said only $50.00 for a large bottle concentrated solution.I asked to see this special laundry cleaning solution. He said the young man put it in the garage on the top shelf near the washing machine.After looking for a minute Charlie who was 90 years old pointed to it.†† Sure enough just as I feared it was dish soap in a small bottle.†† As Governor I will work on this problem everyday and will be reminded to do so with the dish of green leaf candies on my desk. The Call the Governor Program for Senior Residents will make rip off door- to-door salesman use good consumer facts when selling to Florida Senior Residents..Finally Charlie lost another $3000 to ďin the neighborhood tree cutting guyĒ.Seniors should be advised that just because there is a name on the door of a truck does not mean you can be certain that no rip off will occur..


Point No. 14 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Junk Cars must go

I want collectors of one old car to be able to have it stored on their property out of sight without having to purchase a full vehicle tag.We need to create a hobby car provision that requires all cities to allow a hobby car to be stored on a residential lot so long as the hobby car can be covered using a professional grade car cover.†† If someone has a utility van that is used in his employment we need to create some workable means for the utility van to be parked on the residential lot.Possibly night parking could be allowed if a special reasonable priced license is paid.†† The hobby car and utility van parking provisions and fees will be used to pay $100.00 bonus to have old rusty vehicles removed from forested areas that are not worth enough in junk prices to make the effort worth doing.Junk cars abandoned in rural areas need to be recycled for use in making ductile iron pipe.We will work with ductile iron pipe manufacturers to create a more cost effective way of getting old rusty vehicles to the recycle points located in other States.In conclusion local governments have gone too far in controlling the temporary storage of hobby cars/ or vehicles stored less than 6 months, particularly, if the vehicle looks road ready.Just requiring a vehicle tag does not get the job done.


Point No. 15 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Drifter Control Plan

As Governor I will create a new approach to the unpleasant problem of drifters using the public right of way to operate a money collecting business.The practice of drifters standing in the middle of the roadway collecting money is very dangerous and it makes Florida look bad..The Attorney General or the Department of Transportation must have the ability to do something about this hold a sign and collect money problem.The State of Florida should create a law that makes it a lose your car for 30 days if you donít obey signs saying donít feed the drifters money at a posted location.Also we need to adopt a 10 feet rule, no drifter shall demand money from a traveler or a person leaving a store unless the drifter demanding money is at least 10 feet away from the person who is being approached for money.If time allows we will create a plastic card that can be given rather than money.These plastic cards many be for sale at local businesses that are being attacked by the money demanding drifters.†† Also it may be possible to purchase wooden tokens that businesses will accept.Of course the drifters will not like this approach so various attorneys should be prepared to defend whatever the State of Florida determines necessary to control the out of control drifters.


Point No. 16 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Control Fire Ants

As Governor I will create a Task Force that will work with the Universities to create a database and with the help of pest control companies we will eliminate Fire Ants by the year 2050.†† There must be a non-chemical way of controlling fire ants.We should require all new sod to be treated for fire ants before shipping.†† Airports, parks and road right of ways will be the first phase we must control fire ants..†† Homeowners who do not treat their fire ant problem areas will be added to a government action list as soon as permission is granted.Farmers should be informed as how best to control Fire Ants without harming the environment and livestock. We may propose a 50 cents per box of ant controlling chemical be donated to a State Fund to control fire ants adjacent to the area where fire ants are a danger to children.(This is not a tax it will be paid by companies that want to work with the State of Florida on this difficult problem.)


Point No. 17 Sweeten Florida Plan/Control Lovebugs

As Governor I will create a Task Force to look at ways of controlling the increase in lovebugs.The use of non-chemical fogging methods will be studied and pilot programs supported by grants.


Point No. 18 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Renaming the FCAT to FACTS

As Governor my first action will be to rename the FCAT to FACTS so students do not have to fear this helpful learning benchmark.†† We all understand the importance of a great education so students must be better informed as to the long term benefits of meeting the FACTS requirements.Obviously I will need to listen to students to make the FACTS a working tool that students understand and parents appreciate greatly. When I am Governor students who support the FACTS in a positive manner will be encouraged to say how FACTS is better than FCAT.Students will be given bonus points for visiting the Governorís website to complete a survey.With the help of theme parks and other recreational facilities possibly these bonus points can be turned into discounts for students who take the FACTS in a positive way. This idea needs work so please send your ideas to the Governor..


Point No. 19 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Pool Builder Shall Build

What is it with pool builders in Florida?Does the bad soil, high water table, competitive pricing, or Florida laws make building a pool in Florida such a nightmare?†† I remember in 1980 contracting to have a pool constructed by a Florida pool builder who was a preacher but he failed to pray one day and the rain floated the pool he was constructing on my property. I lost over $5000 and at least a half-year of my life, that year so did 150 other Florida property owners who were victims of bankrupt pool builders.. Now, we need to Sweeten Florida by coming up with a Florida solution to pool builders claiming bankruptcy and then the next year starting a new pool building business.First all materials delivered to the property are the property of the homeowner unless they never actually entered the property where the pool is being constructed. Period! No court or bankruptcy judge should tell the property owner that he no longer owns those materials on his property. In fact the pool builder typically uses the stored materials to justify an additional partial payment. Florida law should be clear on payments made to licensed pool building contractors, the lien law should be changed to protect the property owner who has paid half the cost of pool and has nothing to show for it.Material suppliers should be more selective in providing credit to questionable pool builders and for that reason no liens should be allowed by material suppliers for residential pools.The pool builder should use his credit card to purchase the materials and simply leave the property owner free from the bankruptcy issues.Second each pool builder shall have a rainy day plan that does not leave the property owner with a big mess for months while the bankruptcy action is closed out. This could be to provide a statement from another pool builder company that should something happen that causes the original pool builder to not finish the project in the time stated the property owner can assign the remaining portion to alternate pool builder subject to provisions of a new contract defining the time schedule and the costs to pick up that abandoned pool construction project.The local association of pool builders should establish a fund and list of available pool builders to play clean up contractor to prevent the pool building industry from becoming out of control.Of course, extra costs related to the transfer to the alternate pool builder should be considered by the property owner to avoid a construction site forever.Florida law should somehow give permission to the property owner to issue a stop work order and take over the pool building or secure another pool builder after a 10-day notice has been issued to the original builder. The pool builder who receives a certified letter from a property owner who has contracted for a pool under the NEW Florida Pool Building Regulation has to show up to complete the pool and give the property owner a certified letter explaining the reason the pool is not complete.If the reason is for lack of payment for the completed work the pool builder should cancel the remaining portion of the contract and seek payment via the legal system; there should be no reason to leave the pool construction site unsafe.If the property owner believes the pool builder explanation for the construction delay the property owner may recall the stop work notice and allow the pool builder an opportunity to complete the project.The local pool builder association should provide guidelines for payment so the property owner pays the cost of work completed.†† Should a pool builder file for bankruptcy the property owner is free to retain another pool builder to complete the work so long as there is a clear understanding that there is no warranty from the second pool contractor..Within the ability of the laws the building permit agency should recognize the difficulty the previous pool builder has caused and work through issuing a new building permit to the new pool builder or property owner. It is advisable that the electrical subcontractor should be retained if possible to provide continued knowledge transfer of the project matters.The practice of a pool builder abandoning one pool construction site just to get the upfront money from another new pool contract must stop.The property owner will have the ability to use the 10-day notice to put the pool builder on notice that if he does not return to the project by the day noted the property owner will cancel all remaining portions of the pool building contract.No fine print will be allowed to make pool builders somehow above the new BUILD IT provisions of the NEW Florida Pool Building Regulation.I will work with pool builders or agents to create a workable regulation to end the practice of holding the property owner hostage all summer.††


Point No. 20 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Drivers should not be allowed to have Dogs behind the steering wheel.

The practice of driving a car while holding a dog is unsafe and Florida laws should make drivers lose their license for 30 days,


Point No. 21 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Cell phone use while operating a vehicle needs controls

The practice of driving a car while holding and talking on a cell phone is dangerous and needs to be controlled by new guidelines.As a starting point except for emergencies cell phones should not be operated while driving through a school zone.Florida law should double the fine if someone did not stop for a Red Light Flashing School Bus that is loading or unloading children if the driver not stopping was using a handheld cell phone.





Point No. 22 Sweeten Florida Plan/Over 70 years of Age

Apparently many older drivers that have lost their license continue to drive.†† If you are 70 years old or older and found driving a car when you had your license taken away; well we will look into taking your car away.


Point No. 23 Sweeten Florida Plan/Small orange triangle

Should a driver over 70 years of age have an auto accident that is determined to be his/her fault; the State of Florida should consider requiring the placement of a small orange triangle on the back bumper of the older driverís car with the words ďHow is my driving Today?ĒThis will warn other drivers to give the older driver a little extra recovery space.Anyone using this older driver information to somehow force the older drivers to speed up or drive more dangerously will lose their license for 30 days.The orange triangle is important because the alternate would be to require testing of older drivers and I believe that is not justified at this time.The orange triangle is only for accident causing older drivers.If an older driver (over 70) does not know the difference between the brake and gasoline pedal then hits an occupied building well the 70 plus year old driver will lose his/her license for 3 years.


Point No. 24 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Remove Drunk Drivers Again

It has come to my attention that numerous drivers who have lost their drivers license due to drunk driving are driving again.†† The State of Florida should create a $1000.00 reward program to pay for the reporting of drunk drivers driving without a license.†† We will look into a way to fund such a reward program, but should the insurance industry see the benefit of the program possible they could offer a 10% reduction in car insurance to any person reporting to the police the unlicensed driver on the road again.††


Point No. 25 Sweeten Florida Plan/ End Busing

It has come to my attention that school districts are somehow impacted by students going to several different schools as result of the new school choice regulations, so as Governor I will ask for a study to determined how best to reduce the busing costs.†† I believe no student should be on a school bus for greater than one(1) hour per trip.Something must be done, more funding for more buses, or redistricting to get one good school within an hour of each home.If this is not a problem we will look at other busing safety issues.For example, school buses should be picking and dropping off students on roadways that are less than 4 lanes.Each time a bus picks up students the traffic is impacted so off roadway pick up points should be considered.


Point No. 26 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Cuba

It is now time to consider what Florida will be like when Cuba is Cuba again.My former Cuban roommate in college (1970) would tell me about Cuba and how beautiful Miami is and why Cubans love Florida.We will have to talk to a lot of people to determine what impact the future government of Cuba and get planning for that day.


Point No. 27 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Protect Children Now

As Governor I will Protect Children Now, we need a total review of what programs are working and how we can better help protect children from those bad folks.Also the Call the Governor Program (email also) will allow all students to email the Governor and as Governor I will do everything possible to Protect Children Now.





Point No. 28 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Students Head South

As Governor I will encourage teenagers to join the ASK THE GOVERNOR EMAIL CLUB.As Governor I will make every effort to find a local job for a teenager that needs money to help his parents stay above the floor.I have observed a few students walking a long distance home and I got the impression that no one is on their side.As Governor I will ask local people to provide help to teenagers that are working so hard in school but have parents that are just not financially able to make their future bright. We cannot afford to put teenagers in prison they need help just in the day- to- day events.In the years gone by teenagers would be offered a ride home especially during those cold rainy days, but now this is not acceptable so the parent that needs backup does not get it.Overall some communities are okay, but some areas do little to help teenagers. While some people say it takes a village, I say it just takes one person to care.Email the Governor and I will provide help!Florida needs good students to make Florida better in the future.In a related issue I have noticed how cold employers have become to workers who have sick children or teenagers that need backup.We all need to make sure we demand employers in Florida donít forget that home life and work are connected.Helping teenagers is very important to Floridaís future.We donít want teenagers drinking alcohol or using drugs so we need to fully fund organizations that help students. .


Point No. 29 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Control out of Control Disputes between Communities

So much time is being spent on disputes between governmental units I sometimes believe it would be easier negotiating with _______________.†† As Governor I will monitor all government- to- government disputes and get involved to cause this waste of taxpayer dollars to go away.Florida governments have gone downhill.Any dispute that lasts 1 year is too long.


Point No. 30 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Change the Lottery

As Governor I will ask that something be done to improve the Lottery.I have several proposals but my ideas need lottery user input.†† I question the cost of the large highway signs advising drivers to hit the brakes at the next exit to purchase a lottery ticket.This is a waste of your school dollars.I question the amount of time devoted to promoting the lottery on television and expect lottery players to secure lottery numbers by visiting the local outlets.We will ask television stations to low- key lottery number reports just to determine what impact no advertising will have on the lottery.


Point No. 31 Sweeten Florida Plan/ BIG

As Governor I will have to be prepared for the next ďBIGĒ.It could be an oil tanker spill off our coast or something I prefer not to state.As Governor I will devote at least one day a week getting ready for ďBIGĒ.


Point No. 32 Sweeten Florida Plan/ County by County of Volusia

As Governor I will make each week a County Special week, I will focus on the western counties first then each week for 67 weeks learn/plan for needs of communities in each of the 67 counties.Residents in each county will be advised by television announcement that the Governor needs input for ďSweeten Florida PlanÖÖÖ.countyĒ.


Point No. 33 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Expand DASH

As Governor I will ask the DOT to formulate a way to expand the highway information system; here in Daytona Beach it is called:Daytona Area Smart HighwaysĒ†††† We need to communicate with travelers to advise them of the need to take alternate routes or to keep watching weather reports.




Point No. 34 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Who made Florida ballots fair?

Who in Tallahassee changed Florida Election laws to be so unfair?A few years ago you could print and mail to registered voters a card that was the size of a postcard and with returned postage paid a candidate with limited funds could get his or her name on the ballot.Look at the past elections candidates are becoming fewer and fewer; this is a direct result of the high cost of placing a candidateís name on the ballot.Why allow political parties to run Floridaís election fees.†† Come on fellows get with it clean up Floridaís Election Rules.You have allowed Floridaís election laws to become a joke.†† For example in the State of Michigan you simply need a number of signatures on a form to place your name on the ballot for Congressional elections.Many Congressional races have no alternate candidates, this proves that Floridaís election laws are unfair and may be unconstitutional.Does anyone remember all the Florida Election Jokes of the 2000 election?Please consider changing the size of the petition back to the smaller postcard size and of course increase the number of weeks that the petitions can be collected.†† As the population increases the number of candidates will drop unless you allow a candidate to be placed on the ballot with one thousand petitions.The number of required petitions required increases by population and add to this the fact that larger counties have more tourist and none residents making it like looking for a needle in the haystack for registered voters.So lets debate how unfair collecting petitions is for the low funded candidates.††


Point No. 35 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Clean Up Regulations of Signs in Right of Ways

The election rules say no political signs in right of ways.But you know this is not followed so why not correct the regulation and allow signs only in the right of way seven days before an election.No signs should be allowed within the right of way of the interstate highway system.Each community has local regulations and fees that are difficult to meet.†† Communities seem to give the incumbents a little more flexibility on sign placing.The size and number of signs on a property are greatly limited.The time signs can be posted on private property greatly favors the incumbents.


Point No. 36 Sweeten Florida Plan/Florida Vehicle Registration within 90 days

New residents are not transferring vehicle registration to Florida in a timely manner and this is costing Florida revenue.Whatever the time limit is currently it is either too long or not being enforced.Part time residents should be required to have a temporary decal on the back window if they are seasonal residents.Florida needs to evaluate this matter and determine how big of a problem it really is.


Point No. 37 Sweeten Florida Flan/Fix the street light

The power companies throughout the State should be required to publish an email address or fax number to allow residents to report streetlights that are not operating or operating even in the daytime. If power companies refuse to take care of this matter, the Governorís office will be the clearinghouse for this safety required public works matter. Each power pole in Florida has a number that should be submitted along with the location.


Point No. 38 Sweeten Florida Plan/Restore Power to the Rural Areas at the same time as Urban Areas

I have received numerous complaints from residents that power companies mishandled restoration of electric service in rural areas.†† Why should the maximum number of residents be the only factor in restoring power after a major storm?Locally out of state power companies not knowledgeable of our street layout had to drop the current job to move to another higher priority, this jump jack approach to restoring power was mismanaged during the 2004 storms.The same families lost power for the maximum time each storm because the electric grid and the number of customers without power drove restoration teams all over the county without working in one area at a time.The power companies should evaluate placing electric teams near shelters so the teams can be given better housing during the storm recovery period.Some of the power company teams from other States had very bad housing conditions for the total period of storm recovery.Possibly Florida needs to look into major storm recovery centers to house and store materials needed for electrical service restoration.To the greatest extent possible Florida needs a plan to take care of Floridaís emergency needs without draining the manpower from other States.Those storms of 2004 caused all new electrical services to be delayed by over 90 days because the power companies had cut back on workers.†† Asking emergency operation centers to only call in downed wires that are on the roadway I believe shows Floridaís power companies need to get to work on a Power Restoration Plan before Florida gets hit again.Waiting for power company equipment to get here from northern power companies means Florida power companies do not have enough standby equipment and materials.The State of Florida needs to have a material storage area that is managed and kept in reserve for our annual storms.


Point No. 39 Sweeten Florida Plan/Underground electric wires now

Florida should now push power companies to take actions to place new and previously troubling electric service lines underground to avoid major power outages.Also a greater effort needs to protect power poles during so called control burns of forest areas.Major power outages have occurred as result of forest fires.†† The cost of clearing the transmission line easement areas needs to be considered when costs of protecting power poles is evaluated.


Point No. 40 Sweeten Florida Plan/Consumers versus Large Out of State Pharmacy Companies

Large pharmacy chains with headquarters over 1000 miles from Florida simply means Florida consumers are not getting the service they need.†† The out of state major pharmacy companies donít realize how difficult it is to serve the residents of Florida, the special care they require, and the fact that populations and demand for services increase on a seasonal basis.Major changes have occurred in the pharmacy business and as Governor I will create a Pharmacy Customer Service Task Force to review the deteriorating customer service level at major pharmacy chains. Florida shall establish manpower guidelines for pharmacies to be certain Pharmacists have adequate help and time to properly service each pharmacy customer.The practice of having Pharmacist work 12 hours without a break or lunch with no help is something this Governor will stop.Until I become Governor it would be wise for consumers to complain to the out of state headquarters about the deteriorating customer service, donít take it out on the major pharmacy chain employees.


Point No. 41 Sweeten Florida Plan/Florida needs to Protect its Minimum Wage Employees from Visitor Abuse

A significant number of people from an unnamed northern State are making Florida minimum wage employees sustain daily abuse that is not typical of the past.The stress of living in an unnamed northern State is causing these temporary Florida residents or visitors to act uncivil.As Governor I will not allow visitors or transplanted residents from a northern State to abuse our minimum wage employees, in fact, all abuse by customers must stop NOW. If this group of seasonal residents does not stop abusing our minimum wage employees, as Governor I will attempt to pass a law to cause people abusing our minimum wage employees to be driven to the nearest bus station and placed on the first bus north.Stop Abusing Floridaís Workers!!Also as noted in Point No. 40, major chains are not helping a difficult situation.Some major pharmacy chains are understaffing employees to result in customers taking it out on the minimum wage employees.†† Relax youíre in Florida Now!!!







Point No. 42 Sweeten Florida Plan/Florida needs a Closed Business Sign Law

Thousands of Florida residents and visitors are victims of major chain businesses that fail to acknowledge the time and energy of its customers: ďwe are closed but donít look like we are closedĒ. I have surveyed a major pharmacy chain store closing practices; they leave every light on by timer; they do not place a sign in the window so each night at least 50 people get out of their cars with children in hand then walk to the business entrance and get upset.†† The shock and unhappiness that the medicine you need is not going to be available until tomorrow morning is troubling.†† Major chain businesses do not provide the Florida friendly service that older Florida residents remember.So as Floridaís next Governor I will work to cause these major pharmacy chains to become more considerate of the time people waste attempting to enter a closed business.Florida will require a sign ďwe are closedĒ This new Florida regulation will make life in Florida like it was when Jack ran the business.


Point No. 43 Sweeten Florida Plan/Florida is getting full of Residents

Can Floridaís residents continue to expect businesses to provide timely service like it was a few years ago? The answer is NO.Floridaís growth and seasonal residents are causing the quality of life in Florida to deteriorate and no one is working to slow the loss.Simply driving to Orlando from Daytona Beach is more stressful than driving the Daytona 500 backwards.The heavy traffic volumes coupled with what I call ďuncivil drivingĒ is making staying home the best option.We need to control aggressive drivers by offering a college level course that is required before a new resident is given permission to move to Florida/ unless they donít plan on driving.The course will be offered on the internet; and it is free, but to secure a Florida license by transfer from another state the driver must pass the Florida Civil Driving Examination.This is not time square in New York City so relax you are in Florida Drive like it.†† Should a new resident receive an aggressive driving ticket within the first year of residence in Florida; the driver will lose their Florida driverís license and pay a $1000.00 fine.Aggressive drivers are not Native to Florida and for this reason we want to keep Florida as Florida is.


Point No. 44 Sweeten Florida Plan/Florida needs to determine the existence of oil reserves

Sooner than later the people need to know how exploration and development of oil wells off Floridaís coast will impact the quality of life in Florida.Will it be our only source of energy?What would happen to Florida should our current source of oil be cut off for say 5 to 10 years.We need to know that our Florida oil reserves will be used to save and serve Florida Residents only.The environmental protection requirements are unknown.How do you enjoy Florida if we donít have a local source of energy?Solar cars?†† We need to look at the big picture and develop a master plan on how Florida can exist without the help of other States.†† We need to have a plan to have locally produced products be given priority on the store shelves.Why are we purchasing tomatoes from South America?We need a plan for everything, just in case Florida needs to be self-supporting.


Point No. 45 Sweeten Florida Plan/Florida relies too much on the Sales Tax

Florida residents need to start looking close at the cost of running the Florida government.Sales Taxes may not always get us to the finish line each new budget. Where do we go for the missing funds?We better have a plan.We need a careful look at sales tax collection and checks and balances of same.Does Florida get all the sales tax revenue?


Point No. 46 Sweeten Florida Plan/Florida needs to reserve the forest areas

The growth of Florida is amazing but I fear the future will take away the camping pleasures of the past 27 years.




Point No. 47 Sweeten Florida Plan/Florida needs to buy some beach

Is it time to start purchasing the expensive ocean front properties; or should we consider developing an artificialbeach that allows cars to drive in the sand and people rather than turtles to be in control? .I sometimes wonder if a certain lady would accept a million dollars to stop suing our coastal communities?Should Florida simply purchase the total oceanfront in the City of N.S.B?Florida could turn the complete beach into something the overall population could enjoy.As Governor I will attempt to settle the driving on the Beach issue.We donít need to preserve every inch of beach for turtles.Why has Florida failed to solve the beach driving/private beach problem?†† I will solve this problem when I get to be Governor.Start getting your checkbook out; we are going to buy beach properties and allow driving on the highway adjacent to the beach.The pavement will be removed and the homes will be gone.There are more people who donít have beachfront property than have beachfront property finding a source of funding will be easy.We just need to agree on a plan.


Point No. 48 Sweeten Florida Plan/Standardization of rules and deposits

Somehow we need to cut costs and time devoted to serving new customer accounts for various utilities.When new residents move into Florida each community has different rules for deposits, hopefully the new Governor can get the League of Cities working to standardize around three different sets of rules for deposits.Possibly an internet site could be used to answer the standard questions before even arriving in Florida.


Point No. 49 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Controlling Bad Dogs


Every person that sells dogs in Florida will be required to voluntarily complete a Potential Bad Dog Form and email it to the Governorís Office, this simple informal database will allow the distribution of literature to the new bad dog owners and should the potential Bad Dog bite a child the Governorís office shall be informed of the incident.The Governor will ask retailers and dog food suppliers to send donations to the Governorís Children versus Bad Dogs Fund so a small recovery payment can be made to each child victimized by Bad Dogs.Whenever, the Governor receives a report of a child being hurt by a bad dog the Governor will cause a $1000 recovery check to be issued to the child.Any person requesting a $1000 payment on behalf of a child shall provide proof of the extent of injuries to the child and provide information on the Bad Dog..The Governorís Children versus Bad Dogs Fund will be managed by a new volunteer organization that will create proposed rules for protecting Children from Bad Dogs.


Point No. 50 Sweeten Florida Plan/ All New Dog Owners shall be Required

Every person that sells a dog in Florida will be asked to secure a statement from the new dog owner that they have a written agreement with someone other than their parents to take responsibility for the new dog whenever the dog owners are out of State on vacation or business.New dog owners who currently live in an apartment shall be given a booklet on the potential future fines for not complying with apartment owner rules.Dog owners have responsibilities beyond walking the dog.









Point No. 51 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Floridaís Moon Mission

To improve Floridaís economy I will propose that Florida Universities create interest in the space program again by working together to develop rockets and vehicles to visit the moon.The initial mission will be to photograph the previous landing sites and add Floridaís flag. This privately funded program will be managed by the Visit Floridaís Moon Mission Department to be located in Jefferson County were visitors will be asked to deposit all Jefferson nickels to fund this mission.A tourist site to be known as Floridaís Moon Mission will be located in Titusville Florida from which funding and project updates will be presented to the public.


Point No. 52 Sweeten Florida Plan/Save Water

We need a 21st century water policy and this means practical solutions without the use of tasers on old men hand watering their lawns due to their selecting the wrong day to save the lawn.Over the years I have observed that people are confused by Floridaís watering restrictions and may be using water just because Tuesday is their day to water.†† As Governor, I will move to eliminate any restrictions on the hand watering of lawns by a garden hose Old men watering their orange tree, lawn or flowers provides recreation and for this reason the Water Management Districts should just save the cost of television advertisements..If someone invested in the construction of a private well, why should a City or Water Management District somehow know what is best for a particular area? The use of lower quality water from on site wells saves energy and chemicals that are typically used in water treatment plants so we should encourage on site wells. Promote under sod irrigation.


Point No. 53 Sweeten Florida Plan/ End the expansion of Pawn Shops

We need to encourage Florida residents to reevaluate pawn shops.The rules concerning pawn shops need to change the stolen property rules that make pawn shops getting rich at the cost of the initial victim.The risk of running is a pawn shop will be the need to provide a community service accept stolen property and you lose.


Point No. 54 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Create better Hurricane Shelters

Florida government needs to create better hurricane shelters to prevent the high cost of traveling to Georgia.


Point No. 55 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Allow Mudding of roadway medians after paying a $1000 fee

I guess those big mud tires need to be tested on State Road 442 near Old Mission Road in Volusia County but the State of Florida cannot afford to sod again the medians of this new Road 442.So should someone secure a video of a pick up truck mudding the medians of State Road 442, let the Governor know so we can collect the $1000 fee.If the owner of the truck does not immediately pay the mudding fee, the Governor will order the State of Florida D.O.T. to have the owner of the truck watch as his monster truck is slowly crushed.Of course a reward for helping the D.O.T. eliminate truck mudding events on State Road 442 will result in a reward being paid by the Governor. If governmental units in the State need to set aside mud holes for saving truck tires please let the Governor know.


Point No. 56 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Eliminate Tolls

As soon as possible the State of Florida Department of Transportation should develop a funding plan to that provides adequate revenue to allow through traffic to drive free.Any vehicle using toll roads that do not exit the roadway except at end points should not pay a fee.One source of funding will be the doubling of spending tickets for vehicles traveling over 80 miles per hour.Any driver using the through free toll roads that is found guilty of speeding about 80 miles per hour will be prevented from using the free through toll roads for a period of 10 years.Drivers who have lost the right to drive on Floridaís Free Through Toll Roads will be required to have a tracking device installed in their vehicle and pay the month service fee to track the vehicles.




Point No. 57 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Eliminate Truck Stops by constructing better roads

The need to create a save highway system by eliminating slow trucks entering the highway at a point not an exit.Truck stops should be removed from the side of the interstates and be placed at remote exits away from housing developments.Remote verification on load weight shall be fully implemented..††


Point No. 58 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Preventing Stolen Large Trucks

Because there are not enough police to quickly find stolen large trucks I will work with various organizations to create a new method of finding missing trucks.We will evaluate several proposals to mark trucks to cause the resale of parts of stolen vehicles to be more difficult than worth the risk.


Point No. 59 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Governor Eliminates the Bounce in 67

The Governorís Office will act as the Clearinghouse of every infrastructure problem within 67 Counties.Simply any resident emails the Governorís Office Clearinghouse and presents the problem for placement on a central website clearinghouse that each County or City can visit to see what the people are asking reporting. It could be a streetlight that is not functioning or a road that needs repaving.All government owned structures throughout the State will be monitored.Even a streetlight this is burning continuously will be reported the Governorís Clearinghouse. It will end the need to call and call for action.If your driveway was damaged by a sewer construction project just let the Governorís Clearinghouse be advised of the need for action.If the governmental unit cannot solve the problem within 60 days the problem will be transferred to the Governorís personal email address established for these physical matters.You donít have a computer nearby or you prefer to leave a voice message for the Governorís Clearinghouse Staff simply call the Governorís number established for the Clearinghouse.


Point No. 60 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Governorís Office will have a one minute status report each day

The Governorís Office will have a one minute report at 6:45 AM each day available for radio distribution:


ďGood Morning Florida:Your Florida Governorís Office will be working for you today!The major items of work will be trimming of the over weight State Budget and checking on the status of highway safety improvements on the I-75 bridge near mile marker 150.This is the most dangerous bridge along I-75, numerous people havehad accidents at this bridge; so the new warning signs will help.The Governor asks you to drive safely and contact the Governorís Clearinghouse should you have any local problems that need the Governorís help. Have a Good Day Florida













Point No. 61 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Governorís RJ Project

The Governorís Office will work each day on the RJ Project, and while I cannot be certain I will eliminate the problem you have my promise that NO one will work harder on this disgusting problem.On February 23, 2007 in Citrus County I will sign the RJ Law that will fully address this disgusting problem.From that date forward Florida will make cruel and unusual punishment not binding into todayís world when Children are the victims.By constitutional amendment these criminals will be taken out of Florida and not allowed to return.This means solving this complex problem by finding criminals before they come to Florida and removingindividuals to locations controlled.. (No Children within one mile)†† Village Jessica will be operated by potential repeat criminals and the Village will include housing like those in Japan and pay will only be for actual work measured.These Villages will make these criminals wish they were not in Florida and they may ask to move Iraq.They will clean the streets until Village Jessicaís town center is shinning all the way to heaven!


Point No. 61 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Asphalt on highway surface caused by paving companies

Have you ever notice that paving companies damage adjacent pavement.For example the ramps off the interstate when the recycled asphalt material is removed then deposited at the stopping and turning points of the trucks hauling the material.I have a plan to solve this problem but the D.O.T. will have to study as to whether it would be effective and safe.


Point No. 62 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Garbage Trucks Drop Liquids

A major source of pollution is being caused by contract garbage hauling companies that donít take time to property remove the excessive liquids instead the liquid is disposed along the roadway.The next time you look at the street in front of your home notice the large smelly liquid stain on the pavement near the garbage pick up location.As Governor I will require a law that will cause garbage haulers to control liquids.


Point No. 63 Sweeten Florida Plan/Affordable Housing

Soon the high cost of housing in Florida will become critical. We need to have an inventory of affordable Housing Units.†† We will talk with local residents to access what we should propose.Tax breaks? Longer mortgages?


Point No. 64 Sweeten Florida Plan/Lightning Detecting Devices

Lightning is a major problem in Florida and the State government should consider how we can get the market place to develop early warning devices.New homes should consider smoke detectors in the attic space because so many homes have fires after a lightning strike within the attic space.


Point No. 65 Sweeten Florida Plan/Smoke detectors in wooden chimneys

As you look at homes in Florida note that several homes in every community have metal pipes within a wooden external chimney. According to fire fighters the wood dries out and the space between the wooden external and the internal metal chimney cannot be observed as to extra heat build up.So placing temperature or smoke detecting probes will prevent these fire loses.A new Florida law will require that each time a home is sold it must have certified that problems in the metal/wooden chimneys have been addressed.








Point No. 66 Sweeten Florida Plan/Loss Recovery Children Over 25 years old

I want to learn if it would be advisable to change Florida laws to allow children to recover up to $100,000 from Doctors who are proven to be directly the cause of death of a parent. I was asked to review this matter and I will.†† For Example, a 60 year old falls and breaks a hip but during the operation something very unprofessional happens and the Doctor admits he made a mistake during the operation. The parent departs and the child 26 years old is now homeless or at least without some form of parent to child support.Insurance companies hid from the fact that the Doctor admits he made a mistake and quickly use the 25 year age to avoid even a limited payment for damages.


Point No. 67 Sweeten Florida Plan/Parents should Have Rights

Possibly there should be a law: After a marriage between two people the parents of one of the parties may file a statement within one year of the marriage date at the nearest Florida Records Agency for matters of this nature; and should there ever be a future unfortunate event; the parents can use this Florida Records Document to stop the unwise medical actions on their child.†† This parent knows ďbestĒ statement should not be used to extend life of a child beyond any point that is unwise especially when there is no hope of recovery of the child.†† It should be the responsibility of the married couple to acknowledge the importance of parents and plan to accept the parent judgment unless the parent is financially unable to meet the extra cost of extending the childís care.Any spouse who has been advised by another spouse regarding his or her wish to not have tubes extending his or her life should file a record of this statement.The State of Florida should not be forced to get involved in the private medical decisions of family/spouse relationships. Should the State of Florida determine that it is a burden on the medical facilities of the State, the government should take action.Should in the future extending life be only practiced to farm body parts for profit the State of Florida should move to prohibit this technically and morally unwise business.We all realize the future will bring advances in medical practices that could extend life for hundreds of years in hopes that a cure will be discovered so to prevent another social problem the State government should adopt a 20 years maximum rule, The WFA (WaitingForAdvances) rule should prohibit any State funded Life extending procedures to a maximum of 20 years from the beginning of the unresponsive period.After a period of 20 years a person being non-responsive obviously does not want to return to social events of our time.†††


Point No. 68 Sweeten Florida Plan/Environmental Care

The State of Florida must formulate oil and other vehicle liquids loss prevention program (LPP).Any vehicle that places more than 8 ounces of liquid products in 7 days (other than water) on the pavement when parked shall be removed to a repair shop and the State of Florida through an environmental use fee pay up to $100.00 of repairs costs on said automobile) (20 years old.)These Environmental Care Grants ($100) directly to established repairs shops will be the basis for saving the environmental and to encourage repair shops to help save the environment by donating a portion of their slow labor to replace defective parts.Should the individual automobile owner with the fluid leaking problem not repair the vehicle within one year of the first notice by an environmental official the vehicle will be removed permanently from the environment.









Point No. 69 Sweeten Florida Plan/All roadside signs that advertise Special Adult Only Entertainment

The State of Florida should restrict to the greatest extent possible the increase in SAO advertisements signs by requiring 50% of said signs to be made available for public education statements by the State of Florida.The State of Florida will pay the established prorated sign cost and thereby will not be prohibited from making any public service announcement.†† If this cannot be implemented the practice of removing trees within the public right of way to allow easily viewing of large billboards will be prohibited for the total sign company billboards.


Point No. 70 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Class Size Matters

The State of Florida should adopt an implementation plan for Maximum Class Size and should the budget requirements exceed one year of 5 prevent full implementation of the smaller size classes a portion of the school district will be allowed to have evening classes operated by volunteer teachers.Should testing demonstrate that the volunteer teacher program is failing to meet the minimum learning level, the parents of the students will be used to home school the children.


Point No. 71 Sweeten Florida Plan/ American Flag on Interstate 75

While the great southern flags should never leave Florida the State of Florida will create checks and balance to the private flags that are not pleasing to all Floridians.Whenever an old flag that is of questionable displayed any private person will be granted a permit to display the American Flag within the view of the great southern flags.The American flag needed to provide checks and balance will be allowed to be placed in the public right of way.†† Should private owner of the great southern flags create a unpleasant display the State should order the great southern flag to be removed for 30 days after which it can be redisplayed so long as an equal size American Flag is displayed.


Point No. 72 Sweeten Florida Plan/Beer Tax

All beer sold in the State should be taxed to the same level and by the same method existing on February 19, 2005 and the tax shall not be increased for a period of 5 years.


Point No. 73 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Fireworks

At least one location shall be established for the use of private fireworks purchased in Florida.The only prohibition on fireworks shall be the location of the use.During high drought periods the use of ALL fireworks will be limited to the Fireworks display areas and the use of fireworks by individuals knowing the Stringent Fireworks Rule will be fined 100 times the value of the used fireworks.All fireworks stores shall advise the purchaser of the need to prevent use by children under the age of 13.Should an injury occur as result of fireworks the seller shall pay the State of Florida $1000.00 per event.


Point No. 74 Sweeten Florida Plan/Stand up to Newspapers

The State of Florida shall charge newspaper or agents of newspapers to pay a $1000 per year right of way user fee for each newspaper box (free or charged type) that is within the public right of way but less than 40 feet from the edge of pavement.Should the right of way be damaged by the placing of newspaper boxes with the right of way the cost of repairing the sod shall be taken from the $1000 fee and donated to the local governmental unit to repair the sod and related.The cost of repairing broken sidewalk will be passed to the business using the public right of way to distribute newspapers. Safety is a major concern with placing newspaper boxes.Children exit cars to get the newspaper and the flow of traffic is negatively impacted.



Point No. 75 Sweeten Florida Plan/Funding Large Sports Complexes

The State of Florida should fund upgrades of sports complexes however the Stateís means of recovering the grants will be a mandatory contribution of $1.00 per ticket sold.The ticket contribution will remain an obligation until the Sports Complex is no longer in existence or the year 2080.The contribution of one dollar per ticket sold shall not increase before the year 2020.


Point No. 76 Sweeten Florida Plan/Home invasions by individuals

The State of Florida should create a $1.00 tax on all doors sold in Florida and the funds collected will be used expressly to find and eliminate home invasion individuals or gangs.†† At least 10 % of the door tax revenues will be used to block computer invasions that cause computers to slow to 50% of normal operating speed.


Point No. 77 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Cause fuel prices to be controlled

The sale of fuel shall be controlled to prohibit more than a 20% cost increase.If fuel costs increase greater than 20% in one year the State of Florida shall prohibit the non-essential use of low of State owned vehicles on Tuesdays and ask Counties to evaluate the feasibility of eliminating 20% of the local sales tax on fuel.


Point No. 78 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Billboard Owners

When I become Governor I will ask the Billboard companies to donate the unused billboard space to help Children learn math.


Point No. 79 Sweeten Florida Plan/Large Store Limits.

The State of Florida shall prohibit large chain stores from eliminating all small owner operated businesses and a master plan will be developed to reserve 10% of all retail business space for owner-operated businesses.No out of area shopping center owners shall be allowed to have create empty space within a shopping center for over one year.The amount of proposed rent/lease conditions should be reviewed by the State to determine if the property owner is providing poor community goodwill thereby causing the appearance of the community to be degraded.


Point No. 80 Sweeten Florida Plan/ No Travel to Countries

The Governor shall be prohibited from traveling outside of the State of Florida on trade missions.


Point No. 81 Sweeten Florida Plan/Lights on

Highway safety is being placed out of control as a result of visitors and part time residents from not following Florida driving rules.Too many bad drivers means Floridaís auto insurance costs will increase.Warning signs and traffic stops designed to inform visitors and part time residents to drive safely now that they are in Florida.


Point No. 82 Sweeten Florida Plan/Slots

Prohibit children from playing the lottery and slot machines.Any county voting to allow slot machines shall place warning signs do not allow this machine to take all your pay check.Should a player have uncontrollable WASHOUT the owner of the machine shall return via mail up to $100.00 per player per year.WASHOUT is a personal term that describes an event of losing all your paycheck.





Point No. 83 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Choice

As Governor I will be as Conservative as possible, but donít expect me to solve this social problem only parents can solve.Having prayed in public school each morning until I graduated in 1965 I will expect my liberal friends to chill out and allow limited controlled prayer in school prior to FACTS.


Point No. 84 Sweeten Florida Plan/Guns in School (NO!!!)

Having been a liberal most of my life I have memories of events that seem strange based upon current unhappy events.When I was in high school I was allowed to rebuild a 22 rifle that had a broken wooden stock and I even was allowed to make the firing pin.Nevertheless, events in other states and the stresses of living are making schools unsafe.I will work on this problem and ask any student that is Píd off at his classmates to consider being Píd off at me instead.Send me an email or call me, if I cannot make you happy I will give you $20.00.My cell phone number is 386 235 0380.(A reviewer of Point No. 84 said I should limit this to available funds in the Governorís personal budget; because the problem is without end.) (Okay limited $$$)


Point No. 85 Sweeten Florida Plan/Florida Needs Something New

As Governor I will work on creating something new, it will make Florida a continuing Tourist Spot.


Point No. 85 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Florida to Create New Island

With our State continuing to grow there is becoming a shortage of sand/dirt, nevertheless, we will evaluate the feasibility of making Floridaís land area increase by collecting passing sand.


Point No. 86 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Each Resident Needs Hope

I will work to make the lives of each Florida Resident better, even those few that I have not been real friendly with due to my unhappiness.


Point No. 87 Sweeten Florida Plan/Is it time to change our recycling approach

I want to revisit the need to place a bottle return tax on all containers rather than having the recycle truck driving every street once a week.We need to allow charities to make money on the recycling products.


Point No. 88 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Buy Florida Products Now!

To create jobs locally we need to know what companies make things in Florida, and as Governor I will create such a list.

Point No. 89 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Pending for Handicapped

The fine for parking in a handicapped spot will increase from $250 to $1000 plus loss of your car for 30 days.

Point No. 90 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Pending for South FloridaPoint No. 91 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Pending for Central Florida

Point No. 92 Sweeten Florida Plan/ Pending for North Florida

Point No. 93 Sweeten Florida Plan/Pending send your ideas to candyorder@hotmail.com

Point No. 94 Sweeten Florida Plan/Pending send your ideas to candyorder@jhotmail.com

Point No. 95 Sweeten Florida Plan/Pending send your ideas to candyorder@hotmail.comPoint No. 96 Sweeten Florida Plan/Pending send your ideas to candyorder@hotmail.com

Point No. 97 Sweeten Florida Plan/Pending send your ideas to candyorder@hotmail.com

Point No. 98 Sweeten Florida Plan/Pending send your ideas to candyorder@hotmail.com

Point No. 99 Sweeten Florida Plan/Pending send your ideas to candyorder@hotmail.com

Point No. 100 Sweeten Florida Plan/Pending send your ideas to candyorder@hotmail.com

Point No. 101 Sweeten Florida Plan/Reserved for Special†††††††††††††††† Last Modified 3/29/05

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Richard Paul Dembinsky / Dr. Joe Smith, No Party Affiliation for Governor/Lt. Governor.
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