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I propose that we stop looking at Florida’s Elections as problems or something we should avoid but rather as entertainment provided to us by Florida’s outdated election laws. On the law books of many states there are laws that when reviewed using today’s opinions or views now seem funny. Florida’s elections laws have sections/requirements that cause out of state newspaper readers to wonder how/why are Florida’s Elections still so messed up.

Top Ten ways to Enjoy Florida’s Elections:

10. Call your friends in Florida and tell them you are emailing them another joke you found about the 2000 election so they stop calling you to ask you how the weather is when they really know its 5 degrees and snowing outside your home. The simple fact that your friends are connecting Florida’s 2000 election to entertainment means Florida’s Elections are to be enjoyed just like the December 1, 2005 Dave Letterman and Oprah Winfrey family get together.
9. Go to onballot.com and look at the latest candidate to make Florida’s
Elections Entertaining and then do a search of (Dembinsky Lafferty) and find how a newspaper columnist Enjoys Florida’s Elections!
8. Do a search (Party Assessment Florida) and read about how the State of
Florida requires candidates to pay a party assessment just to be on the ballot then they don’t even invite you to the party after the debates or for that matter cut you up in the debates. Enjoy Florida’s Elections!
7. Go to the site of the Florida Gubernatorial Debates during August 2006 and/or read how entertaining the debates were outside the debate center. There will be more Republican and Democratic Candidates debating real issues outside the debate center than inside.
6. Call a Candidate with the longest name and get a free bag of popcorn to
Enjoy Florida’s Elections!! Visit onballot.com and go to the hobby page and just enjoy looking at all those Gore/Lieberman signs. If you are a Republican you may qualify for a sign to provide real relief for your dog.
5. Go to Michigan and watch the Florida Election on television this way you
eliminate local interference of Florida television stations. In Michigan you could enjoy the vote totals without being presented as a newcomer/fringe/or strange candidate then turn to your Michigan friends and say GO BLUE!
4. Go to Disney World and from the top of the tree house look for the past winning candidates and see if they can name the former 43 Governors of Florida and the 67 counties before they reach the bottom.

3. Call a friend in Ohio and ask them to visit onballot.com and guess how
many votes Richard Paul Dembinsky will win during the September 5, 2006
Republican primary election. If they give you an email vote guess forward
to candyorder@hotmail.com who knows someone may
have a few sweet Florida oranges for the next Florida Election.
2. Build a snowman in front of the Orlando Newspaper Office to demonstrate how the local newspaper freezes out all the little known candidates. You probably are wondering if you need a permit to build a snowman in the public right of way in Orlando? The snow evidence will be gone before the newspaper realizes that their freezing days are over. Okay it may cost a few extra dollars to bring snow to Orlando in your cooler but you can be certain one candidate would appreciate your support. (Bring snow during March) Ohio snow should be Red and Michigan snow should be blue and Pennsylvania snow will be White. The reason for demonstrating by building a snow man in front of the Orlando newspaper office is to show the newspaper that some people don’t like their approach of freezing candidates out of the race by recommending that the voters not give one single vote to the candidate (See October 31, 2004 article by O.S. Columnist Lafferty)
1. In Florida you can spend millions to go to the moon or millions to go to

Tallahassee; both are a waste of millions when the roads to the bank are filled with political leaders not looking where they are driving the State.
Make Highway Safety the Issue so visitors from Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Indiana can take a bag of Florida oranges home safely!!!


Political advertisement paid for and approved by Richard Paul Dembinsky / Dr. Joe Smith, No Party Affiliation for Governor/Lt. Governor.
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