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Enjoy Florida's Elections!!!
On November 7, 2006 make Highway Safety the Issue. 

Richard Paul Dembinsky P.E.


November 1, 2012


Ladies and Gentlemen of America

I initially was going to apologize for voting for President Obama but after a difficult day doing irrigation piping work that required a grubbing hoe to remove a sprinkler head and the pvc fitting I have determined I am stupid or extremely unlucky!

So America because I have lived in Florida for the past 33 years (a mistake) my vote did not count Florida voted for the Republican candidate so those people living in Pennsylvania Michigan or whereever Obama won are to blame for the current events.

To the World I apologize for not working harder to make America live within its means; so until the Republicans fail and they will you best buy gold or food that has a shelf life of over 10 years.

America is in real trouble and my 63 years plus the historical knowledge of my mother in Pennsylvania is enough to demonstrate that America will come back but it will be another 10 years.

You the people of the World are on your own...don't expect the USA coming to your financial aid; but don't forget we as a people still want to be friendly to those who want to wait for America to return.

My book Uncensored Social Currency will be to the publisher by June 1, 2012 but by the time 10 years goes by it will be shared only with those who request same (electronic)

Uncensored Social Currency will be a public domain book after I make my first $10,000 to pay the publisher.

As I write these words I must say Americans have given up on the Federal government and there are even a few State governments that will be unstable in the next 10 years.

I must say I don't believe the events in New York on September 11, 2001 had anything to do with the current poor economic conditions because the economy was already in trouble in Florida during the period 10 years prior to 2001.

I was out of the stock market prior to 2001 and my ML broker said that he wishes I were his broker; now I am not in the market and cannot say that conditions would change my view positive or negative. You best gather your America dollars and cash them in for some happiness.

You the people of the World, can be assured that America after a 10 year period of honest political leaders will return to the stable America you expect.

Sarah Palin if you are going to run for President call Richard Paul Dembinsky 386 ### #### because I represent those Americans who will never vote again. Yes, I said Americans believe the Federal government whether Republican or Democratic controlled will be sick until the year 2023.

I have a website Whocareshalloffame.com where I am planning a America Returns Year Long Party and your invited.

Americans that have a stronger body and brain will make it to the year 2023 but some of us will be gone to the promise land.

Americans visiting this unique website are planning for the party in 2023, every valley and every town will finally be assured that America has Returned to Happiness.

Those political leaders that by some chance find these words should be happy that Richard has taken a new approach...an approach to demand existing political leaders fix what they messed up but during the year 2023 if consumers in America are stressed to the point of 2011 well enough planning for running will end.


The below text is historic only!!!!

Written Prior to 2023 Plan.

How is Sandy Adams doing so far?

Let me know and I will post your positive or negative comments here in 5 minutes of your email.


President Obama has again secured the support of my 86 year old mother in Pennsylvania. I now believe that the President will give a positive State of the Union on Tuesday. Cannot blame President Obama if the economy is not growing at least we are not going negative. Development in Florida has stopped except for those special areas.

I promise to organize this website better now that I am retired as a Civil Engineer.

Oh, I am not happy with Honorable Governor's Scott's first decisions or at least his stop it in the tracks!!!!

We need a Job for Rick J. in Orlando and those construction workers.

Maybe we should build Rick Scott a Monument

outside the


use the recently

abandoned Sun Coast Image building in

Port Orange as the Florida Headquarters

of the Whocareshalloffame.com

and he could direct

Dorothy Hulkill

to be present at the grand opening.

Unless Dorothy Hulkill finds another use for the building.


Today (Sunday about noon) I received a call from an Independent Organization in New York City invited me to attend a strategy meeting at a large conference center on February 7, 2011.

This past week I was on a 7 day cruise to St. Thomas etc. and learned that Joe Biden has been enjoying St. Thomas offen and has a place on a small island near the airport.

I hope the 80 weather in St. Thomas has made Joe Biden a better person so he does not have to use the F word to express himself.


Governor Rick Scott please call me.

Richard Paul Dembinsky

386 235 0380

Volunteer for your Innovative Immediate Ideas Team

IIIC (I.....I......I see Team)

Selling a new Idea to old insider Republicans is like looking for another quarter to pay those damn 50 cent tolls to enter or leave the 417 to see University of Central Florida put M. Jordan in the NBA. The waste of gasoline caused by toll roads should make it easy to eliminate as many toll booths as possible.

Rick Scott you better get to work or even Richard Paul Dembinsky will be shaking your hand in the unemployment line.

"Florida and Georgia are among the states with the highest concentrations of bank collapses and where the meltdown in the real estate market brought an avalanche of soured mortgage loans. Peninsula Bank was the 14th institution in Florida to fail this year, matching last year's total for the state." see the complete article at CBS June 26, 2010.

Good Luck Honorable Governor Rick Scott

Sarah Palin do you really want to be President???

Can we sell Alaska back to the Russians from your front porch so the US balance the national annual budget once in my life? Or would you agree to sell all the oil in Alaska to BP so we see how quickly they clean up on the profits????

Okay, surely you can be strong enough to sell the oil in the national reserve in Lousiana (200 million barrels) to the Oil Companies of American to use to flatten out the change of gasoline prices during the July 4th, 2013 celebration or to use as a OIL MOTE along the Texas border with our Friends in Mexico?

Congradulations to Rob & Lorrie Forrest with the birth of the future Governor of Ohio. 1:30 PM 12/5/2010. I started the printing of the campaign signs and invested in the trust fund with 100 shares of Willleak Diapers.




Don't forget to visit USAgoshop.com





News Flash Donnie Osmond WON!!!

We have two signed photos of Donnie & Marie when we saw them at the Flamingo October 28, 2009. We also have two collectible bumper stickers he passed out to audience. Tonight the trip to Vegas was a success by our voting online and encouraging Donnie Osmond to work hard to win Dancing with the Stars 2009.



Neighbor's 22 year old blue Chevy Impala with 4 new white wall tires was stolen at Publix West Point Shopping Center in Port Orange, Florida. Amazing this is a direct impact of the Cash for Clunkers. It only had 37,000 miles on it. The 75 year old neighbor is lost without it, he was in Publix for shopping 8 bags of groceries. (20 minutes) So if you see a medium light blue chevy impala parked along side of the road let us know it is likely out of gas. The Port Orange Police say old cars are being stolen because they are easy (no onstar or alarm systems)

Las Vegas is a place you go to visit your money.

Pardise Buffet at Flamingo is Best

I would like to thank the management of the Flamingo in Las Vegas for allowing my wife and I to enjoy my 62th birthday. Seeing Marie and Donny in person was Great.

I want to thank Ozzie the cab driver for letting me know that in the past 60 days no one took money from Vegas. (comparing past months of comments of cab riders)(It was 39 degrees several nights last week and the winds were about 40 mph.)

I want to encourage future visitors to see the Jubilee show at Bally's and take the peaceful rid on the Gondolas' at the Venetian. Avoid the Luxor. We walked in the cold and wind from the Luxor back to Flamingo; going through the Excaliber, then New York New York passed the construction site with all that dirt and girl photos all over the path. Every 10 feet approached Mexician looking individuals selling services; I believe the City of Las Vegas needs to get the cardboard sign holder off the walkway connecting Bill's Tap Room and Bally's. Never saw a cop; understand 12 people died in the vicinity of the construction walk area and therefore it is the City of Las Vegas's responsibility to force the contractor to vacuum the walk areas removing the trash of girlie pictures.

This was our first trip to Las Vegas via SW airlines non stop from Orlando $1200 for two people; Sunday to Friday Flamingo was a total of $345.00. The tickets for Donny and Marie were $117.00 each. Jubilee at Bally's was about $72.00 and was a great Show Production. (Buy one ticket second ticket free in the Vegas booklet.)

We loved the steaks at 46 Restaurant within the Flamingo. (3 people $189.00 only one desert and one drink each.)

Please watch out for the Crazy unsafe Cab Driver for ANLV I will review my photos and give you the cab number 7447 of the driver that decided to attempt to run me over.



Tonight's update: 11/3/09: Another bank failure; when will President Obama realize the ship is sinking again. The credit card laws are the basic problem; the over use of credit cards coupled with tricks that suck young people into the trap must be corrected if we are ever to get back to a balanced budget; The President should order all the oil stored in LA Strategic Reserve Sold; we don't need it to fight and win a war, 7.3 million barrels of oil would put 730,000,000$ in to economy. Next require all public lands be put to the best use growing something lumber or potatoes for export.. Possibly if necessary take over the drug routes from the Taliban using USA funded pirates. The federal government should tax billboard use of the clear area trimed of trees just to see the billboards. (user fee) However, the blank billboards can avoid the User fee of $1000 a year by placing educational information that benefit children and finding children.

**********(PREVIOUS POSTS)*****************

Tonight was a Hubble Nova night; watching Nova on public over the air television "the Saving of Hubble" was interesting and should this website be part of the BG2023 Beury's Grove 100 anniversary celebration herein being planned, well it will be shocking. The few people remaining in the Beury's Grove area that remember 1960 and those "space shots" and "visits to the moon in 1969 we'll have on display at the BG2023 the following and itwill be shocking: (Mark guard the Hubble book with your life because it will be very valueable especially when the Hubble is saved for the second time in the year 2040.)

Bob Morann was a photographer for the shuttle missions down at the cape. This website (onballot.com) is officially captured by the Library of Congress since 2006. Future researches should look to Beury's Grove Whocareshalloffame.com (or go to Beury's Grove) and see an original booket (extremely rare) that Bob Morann gave my sons. More on this later.

Okay, the stock market is having difficulty breaking 10,000 again.

The Health plan vote in committee was 14 to 9; seems the Republicans are starting to give up and just wait to undo the plan after the next big Republcian win.

This is America and we know what is right but sometimes it takes awhile for us to capture the World's attention. HELLO TAP TAP do you find these words on your computer screen....We Love Obama and if some of us express the negative oh well just adjust your monitor. Good Night Houston...the moon crash was a joke...right?




Tonight's news is more positive than negative, but concern as to direction of oil prices this winter is getting us concerned. Oil per barrel hit $74. Clark Howard a few days ago predicted gasoline below $2.00 a gallon. Here in Daytona Beach gasoline is above $2.50 so its time to get the poster boards out and the paint brushes....IMPEACH OBAMA....if President Obama does not drain the National oil reserve to pay off the national debt we are not using this resource. Whenever gasoline is above $2.50 a gallon for more than a week we will need to paint another sign because the economy cannot make it with expensive gasoline.

Oh, Dancing with the Stars was rough on Donnie O,,8,8 8...disappointed in those judges....Obama should be on the panel of judges we need Nobel Prize winners.

Enjoy the 90 degree weather in Florida this is the 7th day in row.

BG2023 ......Master Plan for a foundation purchase of Beury's Grove.




Florida has a pending budget shortfall of about $2.6 billion, so everyone is looking into moving or at least down sizing their home.

My neighbor who is a banker is on his third job in one year because Florida is having a rough time finding a way out of this economic recession and even banks are still adjusting to the slow down.

Florida has had 6 days of temperatures in the 90's and central Florida had some significant rains. (2.5 inches at the Orlando Airport today) Still 81 degrees at 11 PM on Sunday October 11, 2009.

Up in Canton Ohio I noticed the pumpkins are starting to have frost on them so Bob you best get out of town again. Enjoy your 3 weeks in Scottsdale AZ enjoyed your visit to Florida. If we hit a big one in Las Vegas we will join you at Doctor's ranch.

It looks like Daytona bike week (Bikeoctoberfest) will be better than initially expected.

Regular 2.39 $ , 9 cents lower than last month, but the expect increase in gasoline to $2.50. Clark Howard on the radio expects gasoline to go below $2.00 a gallon.

Gators had a difficult time with LSU (13 to 3). Jimmy Johnson won a race in California (Pepsi 500) today.







I will update this website with new and exciting news after I return from Las Vegas (hope to win $7738.32) I have never been to Las Vegas but my wife wants to see Donnie & Marie. I don't believe in gambling but I need to help the Las Vegas economy. Wow Alex Sink manages 3000 employees and controls $300,000,000 budget. I hope the Division of Elections will put my name at the top of the CFO ballot because Alex Sink is a Democrat, if they decide not to follow this practice I will have to consider not running because the candidate on the top of the ballot gets 10% advantage. This ballot postion law needs to be changed to prevent the incumbent party from always being on top.


Obligated to Serve Formula:
Native U + 2FJ + 3W + 4GOD + 5BMP + 6CL + 7HS

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